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Alumni Association to cut board membership in an effort to boost participation

The Alumni Association is cracking down on inactive members of its board of directors.

The organization plans to cut its board by more than 15 members by 2019 and launch a task force with the University’s alumni office in an effort to make its leadership more active by dropping board members who don’t contribute to the group. Members of the association said the changes would make decision-making processes more efficient.

Venessa Marie Perry, the president of the Alumni Association, said she plans to cut the board from 47 members down to 30 members within two years. As board members’ three-year terms expire their seats will not be filled and if there are issues with attendance, giving or engagement issues, board members will not be renewed for a second term.

“We recognize in order for us to be much more efficient and agile, we have to shrink our board,” she said in an address to the Board of Trustees last month.

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17 Reasons Humility Will Help You Get Ahead

Nobody knows everything. It impossible to have all the answers to every issue that arises on your team. And acting like you do won't do you any favors.

That's not to say you shouldn't display confidence as a leader – it just means that you need to temper your confidence with humility. As Edge Consulting founder Orly Maravankin writes, "Humble leaders know they don’t have all the knowledge or answers, therefore, they actively listen to learn. They also know their own limitations and that self-awareness helps them get better."

Here's why humility is so essential to effective leadership and to business in general, according to members of Forbes Coaches Council.

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How Millennials Can Grow Their Network: 15 Useful Tips

In today’s world, it is all about who you know, and growing your professional network is a big part of doing business. For millennials, this can be more of a challenge, as many of them are newer to the workforce and just starting to get their careers going.

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15 Simple Ways To Improve Your Reputation In The Workplace

Gaining the trust and respect of your coworkers is job one on your first day at work. This can go a long way in helping you achieve your professional goals and make a lot of your responsibilities easier to manage day-to-day. The same can be said about your reputation with your clients.

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The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship

As we continue to touch on entrepreneurial foundations, I wanted to delve into a topic that's taboo in our community. Dr. Venessa Marie Perry walks us through what to look for and tips on how to avoid it.

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